What is Varicura®

Current Phlebology uses today a big arsenal of active compounds for the treatment of venous problems and their associated symptoms: heavy legs, edema (fluid accumulation), leg fatigue, cramps, etc. Most of these compounds are direct derivatives of medicinal plant extracts that were used for years to soothe and treat these problems.

What is Varicura?

Varicura is a new combination of natural compounds for the treatment of venous problems, heavy legs, edema (fluid accumulation), leg fatigue, cramps, etc. Varicura components act together to reduce these problems, thus getting the desired improvement in little time.

How does Varicura Work?

  • The natural components act together to produce the following effects:
  • Improve the return circulation.
  • They help reduce fluid accumulation.
  • They help reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
  • They help reduce stains on the skin of the legs caused by varicose vein problems.
  • By its venotonic action it tones the vein walls to help them work better.



What are the components of Varicura?

1. Ruscus Aculeatus extract: A phlebotonics of targeted actions that stimulates the vein walls, which increases the return circulation.

2. Melilotus Officinalis Extract: Helps reduce fluid accumulation, thus reducing swelling and stimulating the lymphatic circulation.

3. Hamamelis Virginiana Extract: Helps to shrink the vein walls, which favors the return circulation.

4. Asian Centella Extract: Helps reduce fluid accumulation and strengthens the vein walls.

5. Uva Ursi Extract: Helps reduce stains caused by varicose veins in the skin of the legs.

6. Citrus Bioflavonoids: It is a toning extract from the rind of lemons, that stimulate the vein walls, thus improving venous circulation.

Formula * (each tablet contains):

Ruscus Aculeatus Extract ……………….. 100 mgrs.

Melilotus Officinalis Extract …………….. 100 mgrs.

Hamamelis Virginia Extract ……………… 100 mgrs.

Asian Centella Extract …………………….. 100 mgrs.

Uva Ursi Extract ……………………………… 100 mgrs.

Citrus Bioflavonoids ……………………….. 100 mgrs.

Active components of the formula and its therapeutic activity:

Ruscus Aculeatus Extract: Ruscogenin – Alpha-tonic direct action on the venous lymphatic muscle, and more intense venotonic action which is enhanced by the heat.

Melilotus Officinalis Extract: Cumarine – Linfo kinetic for its cumarine contents, stimulating the circulation of return.

Hamamelis Virginia Extract: Hamamelitanine, Gallic Acid, Free Hamameloses, Quercetol Kaempferol – Vasoconstrictor, stimulating venous circulation.

Asian Centella Extract: Asiatic Acid, Asiaticoside Acid, Madecasic – Linfo Kinetic, Vasoprotective, Protective and regenerative of the internal wall of the vessels.

Uva Ursi Extract: Arbutine, Metilarbutine, Triterpenoides, Isoquercetine – It helps in the treatment of phlebopathic spots for its natural content of hydroquinone.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: Trepenic Elements, Vitamin C – It stimulates the venous and lymphatic system. Protector of the inner wall of the vessels.

How/ When To Use:

Take 2 tablets daily, preferably with lunch and dinner.



Bottle x 50 tablets.